Zirapur Vasa Govinda, temple of Vyankatesh Lord Balajee is situated at S.K. Mundra’s town, Zirapur Dist. Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, which is the heart of India. Jirapur town is situated near Rajasthan Border and there are many small towns nearby like Macchalpur, Chhapihera, Soyat etc. having population of 25000-40000 people. Weather here is always pleasant. Temperature in summers is between 40-42 degree celcius & in winters, it is 10-12 degree celcius. While entering the town from East, lush green farms can be seen on both sides. In this town a Dam has also been constructed which provides water supply to Zirapur & near by towns. In a nearby town Khilchipur, ancient temples of Moti Maharaj, Shani and Bajrang are found. While on the road way from Bhopal, on the hills at Narsinghgarh there is a temple of God Shankar and near Rajgarh also there is a old temple of Maa Jallapa on the hills. Zirapur Vasa Govinda Vyankatesh temple is 170 km from M.P.’s capital town Bhopal, 200 km from Indore & 150 km from Rajasthan’s town Kota. There are regular flights of Jet­Air and Indian Airlines from Mumbai to Indore and Bhopal. Devotees from Delhi can come directly to Indore or Bhopal and can reach by road to Jirapur. All roads approaching to Jirapur are well constructed so that devotees can complete their yatra comfortably.