archi The main and Grand Gopuram door of the temple of Zirapur Vasa Govinda Vyankatesh God Balajee is made in south Indian style where 5 kalash’s are figured and has been design ‘Wned beautifully by the workers of temple’s karamshala. Moving ahead, in Garur pillar and temple of lord Garur. On the Vigraha mai dwar of Vyankatesh God Balajee, statues of dwarpal Jay & Vijay have been established. On the opening of the main door, one can have the darshan of Vyankatesh God Balajee has been made of black granite stone by the architecture of Mahabalipur (Chennai). The 2 ton weighing and 71 inches heigh idol has been checked up in Gold.

According to the Hindu religion the temple is considered completed only after the Pran Pratishtha is conducted. Jirapur Vasa Govida along with his two wives Gaudambajee and Padmavati jee whose idols are of 1.5 tons in weight and 63 inch in height, is also found here.

archi1This is the first temple of India Zirapur Vasa Govinda’s biggest idols of lord Govinda is found along with of his both wives. The walls of the temple have been decorated with oil paintings. Where at one side all Peethadhipatis of Jhalariya Peeth have been decorated with oil paintings, the other sides are beautifully decorated with paintings of Shri Krishna, Laxmi jee, Durga jee complete family tree of Maheshwari society. Special paintings have been drawn on the lower walls to have dhyan. On the inside wall of the door of the temple the idols of Baikunth Vasi Seth Shri Krishn jee Mundra along with his two wives smt. Narmada Devi and smt. Durga Devi beautiful & attractive shand lairs are hanging from the roof. Temple along & its premises, sread over 5 acros of land and 51 feet tall tower is visible from very far distance.