Many devotees give donation according to the individual capacity in the donation pot which is kept in the temple of Zirapur Vasa Govinda Vyankatesh God Balajee temple. Many devotees determine the percentage of donation from the profit of their business and donate it to the hundi of Balajee. Devotees can also donate big amount by their cheques or drafts. For this cheque or draft could be made in favour of “Shri Shridhar Gyan Prasar Parmarthic Trust”. This is also exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax. Those who donate at Zirapur Vasa Govinda large heartly, all there wishes are fullfilled.

The accounts of income & expenditure of the temple is controlled by Shri Shridhar Gyan Prasar Parmarthic Trust.


Bank Detail

Bank Name: State Bank Of India
Branch: Panchayat Bhawan, Jirapur
IFSC Code:  SBIN0030423
Account Number: 53046412805
Name of account holder: श्री  श्रीधर ज्ञान  प्रसार  पारमार्थिक ट्रस्ट