archnaIn the morning Zirapur Vasa Govinda Vyankatesh Balajee is Bal Bhog Arti archana’s and in the evening after the Arti the devotees do special Arti.By paying Rs. 5 as Service Charges flower Pooja and by paying Rs. 50/- Rajat Archana and in Rs. 101/- Gold Archana, the devotees put their desire to the god. Devotees paying Rs. 500/- as service charges, One Shawl is gifted to them and by donation A saree to God Vyankatesh and Mata Laximijee is presented to get their blessings.
After the Arti, the devotees can get the Ladoos prepared in the South Indian style as a Prasad by paying Rs. 25/- as service charges.